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The Share View Blog is about sharing knowledge about technology and showing how it has molded the world in so many positive and negative ways. Technology is one of the fastest-growing things on the planet, as it has grown in figuratively a blink of an eye, making it not only hard to comprehend for older generations but even people in their twenties are sometimes struggling with how to work new tech!

If this is you then reading this blog may help you to open your mind and allow you to grow with the technology rather than fall behind the times. After all, the future looks to be all digital and there is nothing worse than being confused all the time within your home. This blog will provide essential information about computers, mobile phones, home technology, and cybersecurity, as well as an array of other technical things that will be presented to you in a simple and fun format!

Meet The Team:

Alan Carson…

I’m Alan, a computer builder by day and a blogger by night! I live in Texas with my wife and two kids and I spend most of the time looking up new technologies across the world that I think are going to be the next best thing. I have always been obsessed with tech, I remember saving up for my first computer and taking it apart to put it back together again (it took a few tries but I got there eventually!), but I never thought as a boy that doing that as a job would even be a thing, so you could say that I am literally living the dream.

Jack Micheals…

I’m Jack and I met Alan when we were both working at the same firm about 10 years ago. I am a computer security consultant so I see over all the things that could go wrong with your computer, and I tell you what it is one crazy job! You would not even┬ábelieve how much people can do with technology these days and although it’s very clever, we would never want these people to get into your computer and that’s where my job comes into play. I also live in Texas with my girlfriend and we have a whole bunch of dogs, five to be exact, so although my job is stuck indoors I always have to be out on the weekends for my dog’s long walks!