7 Things You Didn’t Know Robot Vacuums Could Do

Robot vacuums are picking up more and more steam. And with good reason. Getting up off the couch to mop or dust is a pain in the butt. But for some people, it’s just easier to let a robot do the dirty work. Unlike other robots, these cleaners aren’t just built to do one thing. They’re multi-functional, which means you can use them to clean the house and even do some light yard work.

Carpet suckers and robot vacuums are now the same things. The results of a new study from Stanford University have revealed that some of these robots have the ability to not only clean your floors but also remove dirt in unexpected places, such as the back of your sofa and rugs. This is especially useful for people who would rather not have to worry about their carpets- and their health- when they’re not home. The study also revealed how these machines learn to clean your home over time, getting better at their job the more often they work. However, many tend to hire companies for carpet and rug cleaning services (similar to White Mountain Chem-Dry) if they have dust allergies or back issues, because of which it is quite difficult for them to clean them even using vacuum cleaners.

If you are one of those people who wish your robotic vacuum cleaner could do more than clean your floors, you will be pleased to learn that it actually can. In fact, it is capable of doing so much more, from vacuuming your bed to sending a message to someone that you are not at home when it is cleaning your floors. It is crucial to clean your carpet and floors regularly, or else they can become a breeding ground for black bugs and carpet beetles. Carpet beetles, in large numbers, can cause significant damage to sweaters and other clothing, as well as infest pantry items. Carpet beetle extermination with a bug bomb is ineffective, but professional extermination is rarely required. All you have to do is thoroughly clean the areas where carpet beetles tend to congregate. If you are unable to treat them on your own, you can seek the assistance of indiana pest control firms.

One of the more exciting developments in the home robot vacuum market is the range of products that have started to offer carpets-only cleaning. In fact, several models can tackle a single room, so you don’t need to be cleaning an entire floor of your home to get the benefits. Some of the more advanced models even include features designed to get deep into corners and edges, and the latest models even include a brush roller to tackle long hair on your carpet. However, if you have pets or kids, it is generally recommended to deep wash your floor and carpet at least twice a year. To that end, it would help to get in touch with cleaning agencies that offer a variety of methods including Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning to get the job done. So long as you understand what each method entails, you should be able to choose one that fits your specific cleanliness requirement.
While robots are known for their impeccable performance in a sterile environment, they can perform all sorts of other tasks. On this list of tasks, they can clean your home, wash your dishes, and even help you fold laundry. What’s more, they can do them quietly, without harming your house or breaking your stuff.

Robot vacuums have come a long way since those bulky, heavy, and noisy models of the past., Hence, here are 7 facts you may not have known about robot vacuum cleaners.

  1. The modern vacuum cleaner powered by artificial intelligence can do much more than clean the floor. It has become increasingly intelligent and can actively identify the edge of a surface in order to prevent it from falling off.
  2. Adding a robot vacuum cleaner to your home can help improve your safety in different ways. It can act as an additional security system by scanning the perimeter and following any intruders or act as a guard dog by sounding an alarm.
  3. Your robot vacuum can automatically empty its own tank.
  4. Robots can scan which areas have already been vacuumed, so you don’t need to keep doing the same work over and over again.
  5. Your robot vacuum can clean a specific room- Your robot vacuum is able to clean a particular room and then return to its base. It’s so easy to use. You’ll never have to sweep again.
  6. Your robot vacuum can follow a virtual barrier and won’t turn on or enter any areas you don’t want it to, so you can easily choose where it sweeps.
  7. Robots are smart enough to detect when dogs have pooed and remove it.


These days, most people living alone use a robot vacuum cleaner to keep up with the cleaning they used to do manually, but it’s not the only thing that robot vacuums can do. If you thought the robot was only good for picking up dirt from hardwood floors and carpeted floors, you’re wrong! You might not realize it, but there are quite a few robots out there that are equipped with specialized cleaning tools. While vacuums are typically seen as cleaning devices, they can actually be a lot more. Robot vacuums are a great example of how vacuum technology gets a lot more sophisticated than the average consumer realizes.